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Amazing Twitter Marketing (ATM) is the missing weapon in your Twitter marketing toolbox. Completely built around managing tweets for multiple accounts at the same time. No more switching accounts to retweet, like, or follow different tweets on different accounts. Simply queue up the items you want to work with and ATM will switch accounts and process your actions automatically. You can monitor tweets coming from a specific area you identify by pinching and zooming the area map. You’ll see tweets from that area regardless of which check-in location they chose in that area. Uncover your target market in real-time and interact immediately using your own preset tweet messages and hashtag combinations. Find related hashtags for your message and simply tap the ones you want to add to your tweet. No other app offers a social marketer the speed, efficiency, and features of ATM.

  • Like, Retweet, or Follow from one or more accounts no matter which account you’re currently logged into.
  • Add tweets to a process queue and let ATM process multiple actions for each one automatically.
  • Zoom in using a map and save presets to monitor tweets from specific areas, regardless of their checkin location.
  • Save your own searches by keyword, hashtag, username, or area.
  • Save preset tweet texts and one tap select them when sending or replying to tweets.
  • One tap random select one of your preset messages to tweet or reply quickly.
  • Save preset hashtags and one tap add them to your current tweet.
  • One tap find related hashtags based on your current tweet text hashtags.
  • Bulk unlike feature lets you clear your likes/favorites from any account you manage.
  • Filter out retweets from any view to discover unique new content.

ATM uses your built in iOS Twitter accounts and gives you instant one tap access to any account. You can like, retweet, or follow from any of those accounts no matter which account you’re currently browsing in!

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