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Darin Ferraro

Darin Ferraro

Developer, Kunani Gaming


Destroyer of Donuts, Video Game Developer, VFX Fanboy, Coffee Addict, Speed Junkie, MOCAP Actor, Nigorizake Master, Merkle Tree-Hugger, Token Maker, GPU Hoarder, and Father of Females.

That's a donut in my face. I'm a life long software engineer and have built everything you can think of. (Seriously, everything). Currently do video game experiments on Unreal Engine, and mobile app development for Apple and Android using Flutter/Dart.

Current projects:,, Occult Game.


Catch random blog posts about stuff I do or new and exciting ways to use software.

Flashback: Twitch Stream 3D Titanfall Theme with Real-time game playback.

Back in 2014 I created a 3D realtime Twitch streamer app with Unity. I did real-time video capture using an HD PVR Rocket and streamed it through my Mac which rendered gameplay on a Unity Render texture extracted from Syphon GPU frames. I created a few versions of...

How to setup HQUEUE for SideFx Houdini Indie on your Windows 10 local network!

If you found this page while pulling your hair and cursing to the gods then I feel your pain. The good news is I'm going to share some really obvious tips here that will make your day a whole lot better. On a high level you need to check these things, then I'll show...

Facial Wrinkle Map Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4

After watching some wrinkle map videos from AAA games I wanted to setup something in Unreal Engine using blueprints to do the same. I built my characters in Reallusions Character Creator 2.0 beta that comes with iClone 7 pre order. After setting up the basic character...

OCCULT powered by Unreal Engine 4

OCCULT is now being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Follow my twitter account @kunani for updates, photos and video clips during development.  

DOOM: Demon Fight Club – Map ID: R7L6QTAP

Tired of blowing up Demons in DOOM 2016? Watch Demons battle it out fight club style one on one until the final boss is victorious. One fight at a time fellas. Checkout my DOOM in game profile for more maps and game modes.

DOOM: OCCULT Hellvoid by Kunani Gaming LLC (MAP ID: 8LAQQB9E)

Designed a solo challenge map using DOOM 2016 Snapmap Editor. Fight your way through hell then uncover the final puzzles to become victorious! Play it on all platforms using MAP ID: 8LAQQB9E Doom is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and...


I’ll be adding new videos to this playlist so subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow this playlist for the latest.


Custom SNAPMAP created for the new DOOM. Watch demons battle it out until only one is left standing. Map ID: R7L6QTAP

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